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Become a Part of EPPA's Scribe Program

Benefits of being an EPPA Scribe:

  • Get invaluable clinical experience for health related professional pursuits
  • Receive letters of recommendations from practicing physicians
  • Observe and learn first hand as medical decision-making takes place
  • Experience the pride of being a real contributor to the future of healthcare
  • Have access to direct physician and healthcare staff interaction
  • Become a master of the electronic medical record
  • Learn terminology, language, and general medical knowledge
  • Understand the basics of ordering tests, interpreting lab results, and reading x-rays
  • Help set you apart from the rest of graduate school applicants
  • Work alongside and cultivate relationships with numerous health care providers
  • Experience the exciting and fast paced emergency department culture
  • Observe medical procedure – lacerations, chest tubes, fracture reductions, lumbar punctures, etc

Scribe Overview and Job Description:

Scribe Overview

Scribe Job Description

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Scribe Requirements/Qualifications

Application Process

EPPA Scribe Application

Compensation, Scheduling and Additional Information


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